WuXi Biologics adds 4,000L bioreactors at fully single-use site

The CMO says adding the single-use offering from ABEC will make the newly opened biomanufacturing site in China comparable to stainless steel for commercial mAb production.


Beyond mammalian culture: ABEC’s single-use range to cover microbial fermentation

Bioprocessing vendor ABEC has added microbial fermentation capabilities to its single-use line.


Customised tech protects large single-use bags

By Flora Southey 

A pulley loading system and customised storage frame reduces damage risk to large single-use bags, says 4,000L bioreactor vendor ABEC.



Emergent buys ABEC bioreactor to transfer raxibacumab to Baltimore facility

By Gareth Macdonald 

Bioterrorism countermeasure manufacturer Emergent Biosciences has bought a 4,000L bioreactor developed by ABEC.



Testing and Simulation Approaches for Single-Use Bioreactor Scale-up

Tools aid scale-up and comparison of single-use and stainless-steel bioreactors.

ABEC breaks the 2,000L ‘plastic ceiling’ with 4,900L single-use bioreactor

By Dan Stanton+, 12 Jul 2017

ABEC says its latest offering has twice the working volume of the 2,000L bioreactor systems generally deemed to be the upper limit in single-use bioprocessing.